Juice Booster 2 PRO | 32A | 22 KW with Interchangeable Vehicle Adaptors for Land Rover Discovery Sport PHEV

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Juice Booster 2 PRO 3Phase Mobile Charger with Interchangeable Vehicle Adaptors

With JUICE BOOSTER 2 you can always charge at maximum speed, in complete safety, anywhere in the world, irrespective of the power connection type – automatically adjusted to the right setting.

JUICE BOOSTER 2 is a portable 22 kW charging station, but can also be used as a wall box with a specially designed wall bracket. An extensive range of adapters allows the e-car driver to charge without a second thought, anywhere in the world, using any household and industrial sockets. These can be connected to JUICE BOOSTER 2 via the JUICE CONNECTOR, using connectors developed for the aerospace industry that can even withstand being run over. JUICE BOOSTER 2 then automatically recognises the power required to charge. The portable charging station is watertight, able to withstand a wheel load in excess of 3 tonnes should you drive over it by mistake, ultra-light, weighing only 1 kg, and compatible with all electric cars with a Type 1 or Type 2 connection.

Our Juice Booster 2 PRO set contains:

  • Juice Booster 2 PRO Mobile Charger
  • Type 2 32A 3Phase Vehicle Charging Adaptor
  • Type 1 32A 3Phase Vehicle Charging Adaptor
  • 32A Red CEE 3Phase Power Adaptor
  • 13A UK Power Adaptor
  • Carry Case

Optional Extras

  • GB/T Vehicle Adaptor

  • CEE Blue 32A Power Adpator

  • 16A Euro Power Adaptor

  • Performance: Three Phase 11 or 22kw charging up to 32A. You can be fully charged within 3-4 hours (depending on your vehicle). You can of course charge at lower rates using the appropriate adaptors.

  • Material: Juice Booster is IP67 waterproof to IP67 standards , drive-over resistant and suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -25 to +45 degrees.

  • No need for a wall box charger: With the ability to charge at such high rates, you can use Juice Booster in place of a wall charger. Purchase the Wall Bracket to securely hold your Juice Booster in place while charging.

  • Safety: Juice Booster is full of features for your protection and peace of mind. FI-AEV Cicuit Breaker Technology is already integrated, eliminating the need for expensive installation

  • You may also purchase many other Power Adaptors, Extension Leads, Wall Bracket if required

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Product code: T2 JB2 PRO 32A


GB/T Vehicle Adaptor (China)
Juice Booster 2 | Male Adaptor Plug
Juice Booster 2 | Locking Wall Bracket
Juice Booster 2 | Plug Lock

Product details

230V ac Single Phase

415V 3Phase

4 Metre Cable Length

Two Year Warranty

Current Indicator

EVSE IP Rating 67 : 62196-2 Plug IP Rated IP44

Freeze Proof

RCD Protection AC/DC

Protective Conductor Monitoring

Dimensions: 70mm diameter 215mm length

Light Weight 2.8kg​

CE Conformity IEC 62752, 62196, 61951 - Mode 2

FREE Carry Case

Product care

Ensure your charge cable is protected against water and damp to ensure the long life of your cable.

Ensure that your charging cable is not twisted or excessively tightly bent during cable storage.

Always store the cable in a dry, clean place. Plug to plug cables should be removed from the charge unit when not in use. This will also protect the charge unit from damp and dust.

Dust caps should always be replaced when cable is not in use.

It is advisable to periodically clean the plug pins with a dry, clean cloth. This will remove any damp or dust particles which will cause damage.

DO NOT drive over your cable or plugs or continually drop the plugs.

We recommend your charge your vehicle in the following sequence:

  • Charge Station.
  • First Plug the Male Charger Plug into the Charge Station then Female Plug into your Vehicle.
  • When finished Charging disconnect the Vehicle Plug first, then the Charger Station Plug.

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: Diameter: 70 mm, Length: 225 mm
  • Weight: 1 kg excluding cable; 3.2 kg including cable and connector
  • Input current: 230 V, 6–32 A (single phase) or 400 V 6–32 A (3-phase) AC
  • Power output: Depends on input current: 1.4 – 22 kW AC
  • Colour: Metallic anthracite Cable: Black
  • Operating temperature: -25°C to +45°C
  • CE conformity: IEC 62752, 62196, 61851, Mode 2/3, EMC, RoHS
  • Protection rating – FI – safety: IP67 - RCD DC 6 mA, AC/DC 30 mA

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